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Tarig AbubakarRespect for a Great African:
Tarig Abubakar (1964-1998) -
A tribute night: January 20, 2006
(updated: Jan. 22/06)

Note: the article below was written to announce the tribute night.
Photos of the event are posted


One of the giants of African music in Canada and founder of the Afro-Nubians, Tarig Abubakar was tragically killed in a car accident in his native Sudan on Jan. 28, 1998.  One of his best-known and most played songs revolved around the phrase and theme, "Respect for the Great Africans".

On January 20, Tarig's friends, fans, fellow musicians and family will join to give Respect for a Great African.

Toronto is blessed to be the most multi-cultural city in the world. And for music lovers here, among the city's treasures is a great African music scene, a result of the mix of a large number of expatriates from across the African continent with others from all other corners of the globe who appreciate and love the vibrant energy, rhythm, heart and soul of the best music in the world.

But today's great African music scene in Toronto did not just "happen", and it certainly would not be what it is today without the contributions of Tarig Abubakar. In a Dec. 1995 review of Tarig's CD Great Africans, Opiyo Oloya wrote that, "In just two years, Tarig Abubakar and the AfroNubians have transformed the Toronto African music scene from a basement proposition to an international one."

As one example, the Canadian African music collaboration that has recently attracted great attention (including a 2005 Juno award), the African Guitar Summit, features 3 musicians (Adam Solomon, Pa Joe and Kofi Ackah) who were members of the AfroNubians.

For all these reasons, we hope as many people as possible can come together in a tribute evening to Tarig Abubakar, organized by his youngest brother Almuiz (Mutaz) Abubakar

Friday, January 20
The Cottage, 1220 The Danforth (at Greenwood)
Doors open at 8pm. Show begins 9pm. Free admission
Click here for a WORD poster with show details.

Some of the musicians performing include: Joseph V. Modi, Frid Farah, Kamal Tyepalasma, Kikijiko, Diana Braithwaite... and more surprise guests!

The above comments don't attempt to convey anything of Tarig's character, the spirit of his life, or the impact on others. I didn't know him -- and in fact only saw him perform once -- so I'm not the person to try to convey that. A couple of remembrances written by people who did know him well are well worth reading: Opiyo Oloya's remembrance, posted on RootsWorld, as well as another memorial, written by James Hale, seen here.

Highly recommended: the new (2005) CBC Records CD, Tarig Abubakar and the AfroNubians Live -- recorded at the Bamboo Club and at Afrofest, produced by Todd Fraracci. Get information about the CD (and order it) here.