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Music Photos: 2005 (Updated: Dec. 22/05)
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All photographs are John Leeson. They can be reproduced with credit "Photo by John Leeson:". Contact me for higher resolution copies. 


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Highlights: Some favourite photos /and or concerts and shows (updated Oct. 2006)
  AFRICAN MUSIC: Includes Baaba Maal, Oliver Mtukudzi, King Sunny Ade, African Guitar Summit, Orchestra Baobab, Bembeya Jazz, Tinariwen, Mahmoud Ahmed and lots more.
  OTHER: Includes Sidi Goma, Trio Jourban, Billy Joe Shaver, David Murray, Radio Kabul, Buddy Miller, Leon Russell, Lhasa, Lila Downs, and more.
2005: November
  Nov 12: AFRICAN BLUES and Dec 16: NDIDI & SLIM: See "AGS" photo page.
photos coming soon Nov 29: CATARINA CARDEAL & MIKE SIRACUSA at the Lula Lounge
Nov 28: BETTYE LAVETTE at Lee's Palace. See my review of the show here.  One of the very best shows of the year; one of the very best CD's of the year (I've Got My Own Hell to Raise). Don't miss the CD; don't miss her if you get a chance to see her perform live.
photos coming soon Nov. 19: DHOAD GYPSIES OF RAJASTHAN (India) at Jane Mallett Theatre
  Nov. 18: MALIAN ACOUSTIC MUSIC at the NOW Lounge.
Another "Acoustic" night by Music Africa, featuring Tapa Diarra and Kassoum Diamoutene
photos coming soon Nov. 3: TEI FOUNDATION BENEFIT at the Crystal Room

2005: October

Oct. 22: ERNEST RANGLIN (Jamaica) at Hugh's Room
In 1958, this great Jamaican guitarist was the first artist to record for Chris Blackwell's new Island label. One of the inventors of ska, he was also a bedrock for the early years of reggae, and has recorded in a wide range of musical idioms.

In 1998, he recorded the wonderful album, In Search of the Lost Riddim in Senegal, with Baaba Maal among other guests. (And he was featured on Baaba Maal's Live at Royal Festival Hall). His most recent album, Alextown was recorded in South Africa. Songlines magazine described it as "an audacious collision of dub, jazz, electro and global beats"

photos coming soon Oct. 21: PARIS TO KYIV (Canada/Ukraine) at the Jane Mallett Theatre
Oct. 10: WANDA JACKSON at the Cadillac Lounge
The Queen of Rockabilly sure made her case to get in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when she rocked Parkdale for 2 nights.

The Cadillac Lounge was packed, the audience was whooping and sweating. Wanda was still dynamite ("Well you can talk about me, say that I'm mean/ I'll blow your head off, baby, with nitroglycerine!"), and she had a wonderful, gracious and easy rapport with the audience.

Nobody left that place who didn't feel a heck of a lot better than when they went in. Click here for a show report and more info on Wanda.

  Oct. 7: RALPH IRIZARRY (Cuba/USA) at the Lula Lounge. Hot salsa from NYC
See The Live Music Report for a review of his show
  Oct. 4: Bring back our CBC The Lula Lounge hosted an evening in support of the locked-out CBC workers. The evening turned into a bit of a celebration, as it appeared the end was in sight. The long fight opened many people's eyes, and put CBC management in a pretty poor light.

A number of local musicians performed in appreciation of what CBC has meant to their careers: Amanda Martinez + Kevin Laliberte, Slim et Donne with Ndidi Onukwulu, Catarina Cardeal + Mike Siracusa, Cache, dj Medicine Man

(Shows Sep. 22- Oct 2 were part of the 2005 Small World Music Festival)

Oct 2: SIDI GOMA (India) at the Al Green Theatre. The "black sufis" of Gujerat, India put on a spectacular show, combining their two cultures of Africa and India. A great ending to the Small World Music Festival. See for more info.
2005: September
  Sep 28: ASH DARGAN (Australia) at the Drake Hotel. An Australian aboriginal artist mixing digideroo music, stories and images from the land, along with film and images. More on his music and background here.
Sep 25: TRIO JOUBRAN (Palestine) at the Lula Lounge. Three brothers all playing the oud (their instruments made by one of the brothers). Breathtakingly good. One of the musical highlights of 2005.
  Sep 24: LURA (Cape Verde) at the Lula Lounge. Small World Festival. More info here. Lura is one of the four nominees in the Africa category of the 2006 Planet Awards (BBC World Music Awards). Click here for their artist profile, audio clip and commentary. For audio of her full 2005 Womad concert, click here.
  Sep 22: SEU JORGE (Brazil) at the Lula Lounge. He packed the Lula for 2 shows on the opening night of the 2005 Small World Festival. Click here for more info.
  Sep 2: FOJEBA CD Release Party, (Cameroon/Toronto) also with Kassoum Diamoutene and Kwame Stephens at the NOW Lounge
2005: August
  Aug 31: JANE BUNNETT with Jumpin' Johnny Sansone & Kevin Breit at Hugh's Room
  Aug 28: FRED EAGLESMITH at Hugh's Room
  Aug 19: SOUL BROTHERS (South Africa) at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre
A legendary South African band for the last 30 years. See
Aug 13: BILLY JOE SHAVER (Texas) at Harbourfront
Click here for my bio/appreciation of Shaver, and more info.
  Aug 13: LUKE DOUCET at Harbourfront. See his website here
 2005: July
  Jul  17: ISSA BAGAYOGO (Mali) at Harbourfront
Jul  15: TINARIWEN (Mali) at Harbourfront
  Jul  15: DAARA J (Senegal) at Harbourfront. Senegalese hip-hop.
Jul 13: OLIVER MTUKUDZI (Zimbabwe) at the Phoenix
The great singer from Zimbabwe packed the Phoenix, just 3 days after playing a free concert for thousands at Afrofest.
  Jul 9: AFROFEST:
 Part 1: music
 Part 2: around the park

  Jul 2: JAIPUR BRASS BAND (India) - One of Britain's colonial legacies in India is the brass band.
(Guinea) at Harbourfront. Updating traditional west African kora music.

2005: June

  Jun 30: GANGBE BRASS BAND (Benin) at Toronto Jazz Festival. You don't see many brass bands from Africa. Too bad -- this was a great show.
  Jun 28: K'NAAN (Somalia / Toronto) CD Release Party at The Music Gallery
photos coming soon Jun 25: Fundraiser for YAN KUBA SAHO at Theatre Passe Muraille
Jun 24: DAVID MURRAY and the GWO-KA MASTERS (US and Guadaloupe) at Jazz Festival
photos coming soon Jun 23: SOUL INFULENCE (Toronto & various African countries) & JABULANI (S. Africa/Toronto)  at the NOW Lounge
  Jun 3: OOJAMI (England/Turkey) & ROULA SAID AND THE ROULETTES at Lula Lounge
  Jun 2: FOJEBA (Cameroon/Toronto) & MOTO KAPIA (Congo) at Lula Lounge (Afrofest pre-launch). See AGS album (above) for Donne Robert performance.
2005: April - May


May 14: V.M. BHATT (India) at Glenn Gould Studio
  May. 12: FOJEBA at NOW Lounge
Apr. 10: ZAP MAMA (Belgium/Congo) at the Mod Club
  Apr.7: FOJEBA at the Lula Lounge. See AGS album above for Slim et Donne performance
KSA_0035acrw2.jpg (21965 bytes) Mar. 31: KING SUNNY ADE (Nigeria) at the Opera House.
Click here for my notes on his concert.

OLDER PHOTOS Pre-April, 2005

These photos are still stored on an external website, but will be moved here ... when I have time!  Apologies for the pop-ups. They'll be gone when I get the photos moved here. Multiple shows are grouped into single albums, arranged by month. Click on the month heading.

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2005: March -->
RadioKaboul_0002acr.jpg (21129 bytes) Mar. 11: USTAD MAHWASH & ENSEMBLE KABOUL (Afghanistan) at the St. Lawrence Centre
Winners of the 2003 BBC World Music Award for Asia. Check the link for info and audio. To read the amazing story of Aziz Herawi, dotar and rabab player (in photo to right), click here.
Mar. 6: BOB WILLS 100th BIRTHDAY BASH at the Lula Lounge hosted by the Bebop Cowboys, with a night full of guests including Oh Susannah, Alex Pangman, Chuck Jackson, and lots more.
Check the Bebop Cowboys' Links Page for the list of artists, along with some Bob Wills links
Mar. 5: AFRICAN BLUES at the Silver Dollar with Adam Solomon, Madagascar Slim, Donne Robert & Ndidi Onukwulu
  Mar. 3: ADALBERTO ALVAREZ (Cuba) at the Lula Lounge
See The Live Music Report for a review of the show
2005: January / February
Feb. 23: BUDDY MILLER at the Horseshoe
From the Feb. 22 Toronto Star: "...the very embodiment of soulful American folk and country music. His handful of albums, including those on which he has collaborated with his wife, country music diva Julie Miller, are seminal reference works, plotting a righteous course through the miasma of fads and fashions back to the purest sources of American traditional music."

Feb. 4: "AFRICA SINGS" at the ROM
Music Africa's annual Black History Month event at the ROM. Photos include Modesto-Mawulolo Amegago, Eid Ismail, Abdulla Issa Khamis, Adam Solomon & Southern Volta Association Cultural Group
See The Live Music Report for a report on the night


Jan. 29: NEWAY DEBEBE (Ethiopia)
Including Andrew Timar, Tasa, Nadhaswara Tavil Ensemble, Nyai Madu Sari

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