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T.O. Music Pix Newsletter #68: November 4/08
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This is an election-special newsletter, featuring some Barack Obama local events, music, videos, and more

1. A Musical background:

"Transpacific Sound Paradise" is a radio program on WFMU, A NYC radio station. On Nov. 1, the show featured a 3-hour, all-Obama world music soundtrack. It's all available here, complete with playlist, as well as videos of some of the songs.


2. Toronto election events - A few places to participate

a) Safari Village:

Martha and Tony, from the excellent Kenyan-Caribbean restaurant send along this note:

Finally, after many months of anticipation, the US Elections are tomorrow!   In celebration of Obama's Kenyan roots, there will be a special on Tuskers (until they last!), and of course when he wins, the champagne will come out.

 Hope to see you tomorrow night!

(Tusker is Kenyan beer)
1690 Danforth (just east of Coxwell) 416 406-0534

b) Dundas Square

It appears a lot of people will be heading there after the election is "declared", to celebrate with others (and other cities) in the public "celebration" square. See this post.

c) Bloor Cinema

NOW sponsors "America Votes"  $3, free for Bloor cinema members. Cash bar.

d) Democrats Abroad

will be celebrating at the Plaza Flamingo, 423 College. Click here for details.




4. "All Politics Are Tribal" - CBC radio documentary from Kenya

Broadcast on Nov. 3, this show discusses the Kenyan tribal factors surrounding the U.S. election. Obama's father was a Luo, and according to this show, it's why he has overwhelming support from that tribe, but not from the larger Kikuyu tribe. Available online here. (See "part 2")


John Leeson