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T.O. Music Pix Newsletter #45: Oct. 11/07
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As mentioned in an earlier issue, due to various time demands, newsletters and website updates will be somewhat irregular until a little later in the fall. However, I thought I'd send a brief notice, about two time-sensitive items:

1. Youruba Andabo: Oct. 12 at the Phoenix

If you like Cuban music, you won't want to miss this show. For details see, and also for more on the band.


2. Oxford American annual Music Issue

And, if you enjoy any variety of American southern music, grab a copy of this annual magazine as soon as you can. The quarterly publication calls itself "The Southern Magazine of good writing". It is that, and its annual music issue also becomes the Southern Magazine of great music and music writing. Filled with articles, and profiles of more than 25 musicians, all of whom are featured on the included CD. Those CD's were described by one New York Times columnist as "so smart and eclectic they probably belong in the Smithsonian."

You can read my article on last year's music issue here:

Details and some excerpts of the issue are on the magazine's website:

Some of the better magazine dealers around town carry the issue in limited quantities, but act fast. I went to my neighbourhood Book City today to look for it. Their four copies just arrived yesterday, and I managed to buy the last one.


Otherwise, the event lists are still being updated, if not as frequently or thoroughly as they were (or will be). Check out some upcoming shows, including an amazing three-month long "Afrikan Arts and Millenium Cultural Arts Feastival" at the Trane Studio. See for details.

And, you can look forward to a return visit from the Tuareg desert rockers from Mali, Tinariwen, returning Nov. 20 via Small World Music.

John Leeson

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