Retiring T.O. Music Pix (for now)

Note: I can still be contacted by email: website  (at)

As is apparent to anyone who has visited the website, or subscribed to my newsletter or Twitter feed, this site is retired… at least for now.

I originally set up the website in May of 2005, originally as a place to store the growing number of concert photos I’d been taking.  The first newsletter went out in January, 2006. By my count, there were 165 newsletters over that time, plus numerous blog posts, articles and tweets.

But it just became too time-consuming, especially squeezing this in along with a full-time job, and all the other demands of life

Since I stopped updating, I’ve really enjoyed more time for other stuff, going to concerts and clubs without photographing, travelling and working on those photos & videos instead.

I really enjoyed it while it lasted, and maybe some day I’ll revive some aspect of this.

In the meantime, I’ll keep all the old pages online. Unfortunately, a software bug or hack messed up all the photo galleries I’d posted. I might try to recover it at some point or just post some “favourites”

In the T.O. Music Pix “archives”:

  • Newer pages have Blog posts (also reached by tab above), and pages can be searched by search box (top left of each page), or by category/date/tags (see sidebar).
  • Although I’m not posting event info any longer, the Concert Links page lists numerous sources for information. (like everything else here, that’s no longer being updated).
  • Older pages are found at can also be searched, but the two search bars don’t “cross-search”, each just search either old or new pages.
  • Twitter (tomusicpix)… Also very inactive. But who knows?
  • Newsletter: Old newsletters (mostly pre-blog days) are posted here . The subscription function still works. In case this starts up again, you could subscribe and be the first to know!
  • Videos: A few hi-def music videos are on Vimeo; older, non-HD ones  on YouTube,  or click links in website header.