CIUT FM: 25th Anniversary Open House and party: Jan. 15

Given the precarious state of community and other non-commercial radio, this Sunday marks a remarkable event: 25 years since CIUT began broadcasting on the FM dial.

So the station is inviting all listeners & supporters to a 25 anniversary celebration:

Sunday, Jan 15, 1-6pm
Music Room, Hart House, University of Toronto (Map)

CIUT hosts, staff, alumni and others will be there, along with live performances by

Donné Roberts
Los Caballers del Son
Barry Livingston & Darren Moore
Canadian Space Opera Company

See this page for more goodies & details.

The station’s history actually goes back much further, to the 1960’s, when it broadcast (on and off) through closed-circuit around the campus as “Radio Varsity” and later “U of T Radio” (I briefly hosted a show there sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s), prior to getting its FM license.

For a bit of history, this 1999 document (a U of T report) includes some history of CIUT