Event updates delayed for Libyan election

I sent the note below in a newsletter on Monday (July 2). This note is being posted from Tripoli.

(Note: that updates on my Libya blog www.libyatoronto.com (or Libyan twitter account, @libyatoronto may be a bit limited until after election day, July 7)

Apologies for the lack of updates (website, events or newsletter) lately. It’s not for lack of music… just lack of time.

In the midst of other activities, I learned less than two weeks that my wife and I will be going to Libya as part of a team of election observers — the only team from Canada. There are 9 of us going, including Scarborough Liberal MP, Jim Karygiannis. I’ll be leaving Toronto tonight (Jul 2), and will be in Tripoli from July 3 to 10.

Newsletter subscribers or those visiting this website through 2011 will know my involvement with Libya, and in particular the struggle of the Libyan people last year to end the dictatorship they’d endured for over 4 decades. So this will be a very moving and important experience for us, to participate in such an historic moment.

I will be posting some updates if and when I can from Tripoli at www.libyatoronto.com (a small blog I set up last year during the Libyan Revolution).

Locally, I hope you all enjoy some great music. In the next couple of weeks, some of the more notable events which are posted at www.events.to-music.ca:

  • Jul 4: Los Gaiteras de San Jacinto at the Lula. Great old Colombian cumbian band. A unique opportunity
  • Jul 6: Sonny Landreth: terrific slide guitarist from Louisiana at Hugh’s Room
  • Jul 6-8: Expressions of Brazil at Harbourfrnt
  • Jul 7-8: Afrofest at its new location (Woodbine Park)
  • Jul 13: Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou from Benin
  • Jul 17: Wake Up Madagascar at the Lula

And a couple of shows not posted on the event listings. Both from Batuki Music

  • Jul 6: Ruth Mathiang at NOW Lounge
  • Jul 22: Diblo Dibala – Soukous master guitarist from Congo at Lula

Until I can update listings sometime after my return, check www.to-music.ca/concert-inf/ for links to other concert sources, promoters, clubs etc

Enjoy the music!