Graceland/Under African Skies: released & reviewed

I’ve posted a couple of items recently about Under African Skies, the excellent documentary about Paul Simon’s groundbreaking Graceland album, released 25 years go. The documentary includes footage of original recording sessions, Simon’s first return to South Africa last year, and the international political controversy it caused from his breaking of the UN’s cultural boycott of the apartheid regime.

For that 25th anniversary, a raft of packaging has now been released: CD’s, DVD’s, BluRay, deluxe box sets and more. Don’t let the marketing hype mislead you however; the music is still brilliant, and the documentary, by Joe Berlinger, is great.

Check your favourite outlet. (Soundscapes delivery didn’t come in last week, but should be here this week).

Huffington Post has a fine, four-part review by Michael Giltz posted. Recommended

Part One: The Boxed Set Review
Part Two: The Cultural Impact

Part Three: The Boycott
Part Four: The Album, Track By Track (not yet posted… seems to be late. Watch Giltz’s main page)