Benefit for Billy Bryans tonight at Lula

Rumbon for Billy at the LulaA reminder of the night for Billy Bryans tonight at the Lula Lounge. The producer, musician, publicist, promoter, DJ and friend of music (especially Cuban and Latin music in recent years) has been suffering from lung cancer for some time and is now in palliative care.

His impact to the local music scene has been significant enough that Errol Nazareth wrote

News that Billy Bryans is once again fighting lung cancer and receiving palliative care has galvanized the music community in a way I haven’t witnessed in all the years I’ve been covering the city’s various scenes.

Last Saturday, Garvia Bailey devoted the whole of her “Big City Small World” CBC Radio One show to Billy. Listen to it here

Tonight will open with dance (show and salsa lesson), and include performances by Laura Fernandez, Alex Cuba, Jane Bunnett with Hilario Duran, Samba Squad, Son Aché and more, along with a silent auction.

Details, along with a paypal link at the Lula Lounge website

See also “Thoughts on Billy Bryans” by Chris Butcher.