Wazimbo at the Lula Lounge, March 8, 2012

A terrific show and performance by Wazimbo, the great Mozambique Marrabenta singer last week.

A tremendous voice, and energetic performer, he kept the dance floor going, and also brought out the Mozambique community to celebrate his first Canadian tour. He will be back in the area this summer, hitting some of the festivals. Watch for him…

He was backed by some excellent Toronto musicians:
Tich Maredza (rhythm guitar)
Larry Lewis (lead guitar)
Sam Petit (bass)
Gordin Mapika (drums)
Ruben Esguerra (congas)

Thanks to Batuki Music Society for this rare to chance to hear a great artist from Mozambique.

Two video samples. Click Full Screen logo to watch in that mode, or “Vimeo” to go to the original page.


Doing “Nakurandza”…

And a couple of other songs, featuring some of the dance action…