Jan. 26: Fundraiser for Andy Frank

Andy Frank has been a tireless contributor to Toronto’s broadcast & music scene. Several years ago he hosted various CIUT radio shows, and created and hosted its morning show, Take 5. More recently he created Frankcasting, an independent company producing webTV and videography, much dedicated to promoting Toronto-area roots music.

He also co-created and runs the excellent Roots Music Canada website: www.rootsmusic.ca


He  was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, and as he now needs to dedicates his time and energy to treatment and his health, he will not be able to work as much, and the music community has organized this night to help him and his wife.

A long list of musicians will be performing, including Layah Jane, Suzie Vinnick, Bill Garrett & Curly Boy Stubbs, Jay Aymar, Rob Szabo, Crabtree & Mills, Jon Brooks, Rosemary Phelan, Annabelle Chvostek, Shawna Caspi, Grit Laskin, Kirsten Jones, HOTCHA!, and Janine Stoll with accompaniment by Trevor Mills and Gregg Lawless & more TBA, hosted by David Newland of Roots Music Canada.

Hugh’s Room, Jan 26 8:30 pm


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