New rap star: Muamar Gaddafi

He may be a murderer and war criminal, but one of the hot music videos out there, is “Zenga Zenga”, performed by none other than the crackpot criminal himself.

The video was created back in February making use of one of his early threatening speeches against the protesters, when he vowed to wipe them out “inch by inch, room  by room, home by home, alley by alley”.

An Israeli journalist & musician, Noy Alooshe, watched the speech and  thought Gaddafi’s appearance, gestures and speech looked like something out of a trance party. He put out a video with Auto-Tune technology, set it against a rap song, “Hey Baby”.  The alley reference in Arabic, “zanqa zanqa” eventually got transformed into “zenga zenga” supposedly by Conan O’Brien, and a video hit was born.

At every Libyan rally and event I go to now, there are always anti-Gaddafi songs improvised that always use the chant, “zenga zenga”.

The original clip with dancing girls, and the “cleaned up”version without.

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